The Avanti Wine Cooler

The Avanti wine cooler is a device from the cutting edge manufacturer, Avanti. This company has stamped its mark as an authority in the manufacturing and supplying of a reputable line of wine and beverage coolers. Some of their coolers are designed to store both red and white wines while the larger ones are designed to store the red, white or sparkling wine in the required conditions.This is as a way of keeping the products in a good condition for human consumption.

Special Features of the Avanti Wine Cooler

When purchasing the Avanti wine cooler, there are several key features that are helpful to making an informed decision on what device to buy. These features include:

  •   Capacity: The capacity of the Avanti coolers differ based on its size. The cooler with the largest storage capacity allows you to store up to 149 bottles of wine.
  •   LED Light Display: The coolers are outfitted with Led display lighting that gives your impressive wine collection an attractive look as they are displayed.
  •   Dual Zone Design: Avanti coolers have a versatile dual zone design that allows you to store your white, red and sparkling wines differently.
  •   Pull-out wooden roller shelves: Sturdy pull-out roller assembly allows for ease of movement when removing or replacing your wines. Bottles will glide smoothly in and out of the cooler.
  •   Display panel: Allows you to easily monitor the temperature you would like to store your wines.

If you are planning to buy a cooler, the Avanti wine cooler is one of the best devices that provide quality services to the users. The line of Avanti wine coolers is ideal for areas where there is limited space, as they are not large and bulky. The company has even manufactured a cooler that is specifically made to fit under the counter. From the wine connoisseur to the average household entertaining, there is a wine cooler from Avanti that will suit your particular need.

The line of Avanti wine coolers are specially designed to provide and maintain the ideal conditions needed to store your precious wines, while showcasing them in an attractive manner. Wine enthusiasts are enabled to select from an appealing selection of wine coolers. Even if you are not an avid wine drinker, but like to keep a few bottles around your home for those special occasions, there is an Avanti wine cooler just for that purpose. Numerous users have enjoyed the quality services from this device known as Avanti wine cooler. Based on reviews, the Avanti wine cooler is highly rated among users for its attractiveness and its ability to keep wines at the perfect temperature.

Product Reputation and Customer Satisfaction

Avanti has been a part of the Consumer Appliance Industry for almost 30 years. The good reputation the Avanti wine cooler now enjoys comes as a result of the company providing consumers with quality services and at very attractive costs. Customers are thrilled to finally have a wine cooler that not only elegantly displays their wines, but can store their opened wines. Almost as if listening to the thoughts and ideas of its customers, Avanti designs their wine coolers with shelves that are easy to adjust. The company also expanded its cooler line to include the larger under counter model that is equipped with digital controls for setting your thermostat. The cooler comes with wooden shelves that are easy to pull out when removing the wine. It is also easy to push in when replacing your wine.Its simplicity enables many users to use the device without any problem.

The wine coolers are designed and improved based on the reviews of the customers. This results in a line of coolers that customers continue to rate as high quality products. The coolers are attractive, equipped with controls that are easy to operate, inexpensive and more importantly, it gets the job done by keeping your wine chilled in the perfect condition that will allow the user to enjoy it to the best.

For sure the Avanti wine cooler is a device that serves the users to the best of their interests. They are very convenient to the users for their durability. Users continue to enjoy the good services for a long period of time to avoid the costs of maintenance and replacement. These devices are not expensive as numerous users can afford them.