Shopping for a Vinotemp Wine Cooler

If you are the type of person who can enjoy and appreciate a nice glass of wine on a regular basis, then one thing that you should have in your own home is a wine cooler. These are ideal for people who like to keep their wine perfectly chilled and ready for consumption. After all, while a refrigerator can keep wine cold, the truth is that wine coolers are specialized to hold wine at the perfect temperature for the best tasting experience. However, with so many different brands of wine coolers on the market today, it can sometimes be difficult to know which one is best to choose. These days, however, one of the best choices is a Vinotemp wine cooler.

So if you have been considering the option to buy a wine cooler, you will want to start by looking at the different Vinotemp wine coolers that are on the market right now. There are also a few different factors that you will want to keep in mind when choosing one that is going to be right for you.

First of all, Vinotemp wine coolers come in many different sizes, so you will first want to consider the amount of space that the cooler can take up in your home. Most of their coolers are about two feet wide, though this can vary and, for those who keep a lot of wine on a regular basis, having a double sized cooler is an ideal choice.

Another thing to consider when it comes to buying a Vinotemp wine cooler is how many bottles need to be chilled at once. Most of their wine coolers hold a standard number of 48 to 50 bottles at any given time. This is usually more than enough, even for big wine connoisseurs. However, for those who like to keep an even larger selection, they make some that hold much more than that.

Another factor to consider in choosing a Vinotemp wine cooler is the price that one is looking to spend, as the prices for these can vary greatly depending on the model that is chosen. The least expensive model is the Eco Series, and those typically sell for about $280. However, for a fifty bottle holder VT-50SBW model, one can expect to spend close to $900. For an even larger cooler, such as a 240 bottle one, the average price for these ranges closer to $1,700.

Finally, considering the overall appearance of the cooler itself is important, especially if the cooler will be placed in a visible area of the home. These come in many different finishes, from standard black to stainless steel and even wood. For those who are looking for a more rich and elegant finish, they even can go with a mahogany cooler.

Based on the above factors, choosing the right wine cooler does not have to be difficult. The Vinotemp brand is one that has been respected and well established for many years. By taking the time to read a review of the specific model being considered before buying it, one can find out what others have had to say about the specific cooler model. For example, the Vinotemp VT-48TEDS2Z is one of the highest rated coolers on the market right now. It is known for its customizable temperature control and its separate cooling sections for both red wines and white wines, as they both should be kept at different ideal temperatures. Another thing that many people tend to like about this particular cooler is that the thermoelectric cooling option is better for the environment because it does not release any CFCs or HCFCs, which are known to eat away at the Ozone. Not to mention, Vinotemp coolers tend to use double paned glass in their coolers, which leads to better insulation properties and less energy wasted in keeping the wine cool at an ideal temperature.

Anyone who is interested in buying a Vinotemp wine cooler can shop for and order them online. In some cases, they can even get free shipping, which saves money and makes the process of getting one shipped to one’s door less expensive and more convenient as well. In buying a Vinotemp wine cooler online, one can enjoy perfectly chilled wine any time.